Sunday, July 15, 2012

City and Ceramics Art Exhibit July 15 to Aug 31

City and Ceramics:
architectural pottery and paintings of architecture
July 15 to August 31
Robert Pesce, ceramicist
Diane Waller, painter

@ La Mano Pottery
110 West 26th St.
New York, NY  10001

The exhibit is an exciting juxtaposition of two art techniques by two dedicated artists.

Robert Pesce makes pottery thrown on a wheel at La Mano Pottery.    Diane Hardy Waller paints on the sidewalks and in the parks of New York.   Both have a unique style and spirit to their art. 

La Mano Pottery, est. 1998, the sponsoring organization, has recently moved to this location in the heart of the new Chelsea.   La Mano offers classes and artist residencies to potters of ages and craft techniques.  The gallery has been host to many respected and loved potters in the NYC area.  This is a first show of combination of mediums. 

Robert known as Bob to his friends says about his art of pottery,
“Art is the right making of that which has to be made. The artist  
is compelled to create work by his/her inner self trying to express  
emotion. I feel that the best art draws you into the work on a very  
personal level.  It is inner self talking to inner self. That dialogue  
between you and the work is what counts whether it is one word or  

Diane says about painting New York,
 “When I am painting, I know I am a citizen of the universe.  I co-create with something much larger than the local person who eats and sleeps in a coop and paints on the streets of Manhattan. Painting outdoors on the streets and in the parks, looking at the awesome skyscrapers and imagining what is going on behind those windows too high to peek in gives me a feeling of belonging to the world and the comfort of having a personal place in it.  The buildings with the colors, shapes, varying sizes and changing light inspire me to explore my inner architecture. “

Diane thinks Robert’s pottery is beautiful beyond description and says, “
Bob’s  architectural pottery pieces are as structured as New York City's sky scrapers; however the undulating shapes are reminiscent of feminine form as in Botticelli's Venus or Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings.  The dignity and craftsmanship of these fluid and statuesque pieces bring to mind and heart, classic beauty made contemporary in a fine blend of curves and lines.”  

Bob thinks of Diane’s paintings “Diane's paintings draw you into the scene and you become 
part of it, a tourist in the city of her vision. When I see her cafe and umbrellas, I hear accordion
 music as I stroll down the Champs Elysees. Her city towers make me feel like a young boy in 
the forties in NYC, growing up as the city grows up around me. Her work is evocative, her style 
impressive as well as Impressionistic.”

About Bob:

Born in Brooklyn, NY in the early 50's, R.A.Pesce, known to his friends as Bob, has been fascinated with ceramics since the age of four. Learning to throw pottery on a kick wheel at age 15, his interest led him to ceramic/sculpture majors at both Pratt Institute and Brooklyn College. At Pratt, he was the only sophomore to have his work shown in the annual senior ceramic show and the one man show of his wood sculpture at Brooklyn College showed him to be both talented and skilled at his craft.
He has designed dinnerware and flatware for the Farberware Company. Working as an antique dealer, he specialized in pottery and textiles of the Arts and Crafts period. The influence of this period is seen in much of his ceramic work today.  Take a look at his website:

About Diane:

Diane Waller has been an artist her whole life. However, she started exhibiting in public in 1996 as a photographer. Drawing and painting resurfaced after years of being pushed aside for professional careers.  After arguing with her inner artist, Diane left the commercial world to be a full time artist and took her business experience on to co ownership in La Mano Pottery studio in Chelsea.  Since then, all three aspects of her art have been exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in New York City, Florida, the Tri-state area and Europe. Diane’s photographs appear in the award winning children’s books, “Where Does God Live?”, “Does God Hear My Prayer?” and “Does God Forgive Me?”  The Bronx Zoo uses her nature photography in signage and various Wildlife Conservation publications.

The other side of Diane is that she was educated as an engineer, worked in the aerospace industry which she left to get her MBA.  With that, she was successful in the not for profit sector.  After finding that business less than satisfactory to her creative nature and financial desires, she sold real estate in several states, landing in NYC in 1980.  Looking deep within her nature, in 1993, she was ordained as a minister. All in all, it came back to making art full-time in 2002.  Today, Diane is happily painting, taking photographs and making non functional art clay.  Please visit her website to see the latest. . 

There will be an artists’ reception at La Mano Pottery on July 20, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 110 West 26th St.  NYC , NY  10001.  (212) 627-9450. .

Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing.... I'm adding that to my bag of tricks.

Here's what I wrote about moving La Mano Pottery to a great new beautiful location.

Don’t ask me why I haven’t called, or why my fingernails are jagged like sharks teeth.  
Don’t ask if I shower daily, change clothes often or how my hair come to look like Einstein’s . 
 It doesn’t matter.  
 I am busy being what I am and doing what I do for right now and it is important … to me.
Don’t look at the band-aids on my thumbs, the dirt on my jeans and the paint on my shoes,
 It doesn’t matter. 
See how satisfied I am with what I am doing right now and how important it is … to me.
Don’t think I’m doing too much schlepping, fixing,, testing, painting sanding, sweeping mopping.
 It doesn’t matter.
 Just know that I am creating a new business,  being what I am and doing what I do for now and it is important …to me
Don’t listen to me complain about getting home late, not taking my vitamins, eating too many carbs and not enough vegetables, not making my own art,
 It doesn’t matter.
 Hear the voice in me that says I am happy doing what I do for right now and it is important… to me. 
Don’t laugh at me for not sitting on my furniture at home because I am so dirty
or taking off my shoes in the hall or wearing the same jacket scarf and gloves everyday
and washing everything all at the same time.
 It doesn’t matter.  
 Enjoy that real dirt and not just clay is the material of what I do for right now and it is important… to me
Let’s not discuss the sleepless nights, the missed meals, the forgotten birthdays, the unanswered emails, and the delayed payments. 
Let’s talk about the increased satisfaction seeing the joy in the eyes of the student’s in the studio.
 Worry doesn’t matter.  
 It is what I do now and it is important … to me and them. 
Don’t let me go to a place of stress about the added rent, the cost of unexpected renovations,
 more insurance, new equipment and extra utilities,
 Know that pottery is calling more and new people and they will come.
Those concerns are real and don’t matter.
 It is what I do now and it is important … to me and them. 
Ask me if I feel good at the end of the day, if I feel satisfied with my contribution to myself,
 my partners and our community., I feel Divinely guided to be here NOW.
 I do. 
 It is what I do for now and it is important … to me. 

Thanks,  Diane