Sunday, August 28, 2011

IRENE... not so art related, but fun perhaps

When everyone was worrying and working on getting ready for the big hurricane to hit NYC, I remembered my days in Florida when we were so used to hurricane warnings and watches that
we mostly stocked up on beverages and called our friends to organize a hurricane party. That was because we had a free day off work.  As it turns out, that is how this one was for NYC.   I did the usual, stocked up on water and wine and put a big bucket of water in my bathtub and listened to the news of approaching doom so to speak. Now,  I own a business in New York, La Mano Pottery, (,  which is in a basement and floods if someone spits in the Chelsea neighborhood.  My partner, Julie,  and I went to build dams and battened down the hattches so to speak.    On the way I took some photos of other folks preparations... I am going to try to attach some of them  Some are very creative.  Since it was sort of dark and rainy forgive the less than techincal photography taken with a low level camera on the run in the rain.    I will also try to attach some of the day after images.  

After listening to NPR until late I went to sleep then woke up at 3:50 to a torrent of rain that was coming in my open window and trying to get me wet.  Since there didn't seem to be any other danger, I didn't even close the window and went back to sleep. When I finally got up and surveyed the damage.  I had two big leaks.  I also took photos of those, but I'll spare you the ugly details of that.  Those are for the building's management company.   I am happy to report that the dams we built in the pottery studio did well and nothing flew about in the yard.  so that is a good story. 

All was well so my friend Emily and I went out to breakfast and then since church was cancelled went to the local Friend's bar.  It was packed.   no photos to incriminate the attendees. 

Stay dry.