Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's Up for dhw

I am just back from the awesome experiece of seeing and photographing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.
Here is a photo of that.  
It was an amazing experience.

Now I am about to begin the biggest adventure of my life...
I am leaving on April 28 to walk the Camino de Santiago.

This is  500 mile pilgrimage from France to Santiago de Compostelo.

Google or Pinterest it if you don't know about it.   Thousand of years
and millions of people have done this. The film "The Way" starring
Martin Sheen is about the walk. It is demanding at all levels.  Please
hold me in your highest consciousness and stay tuned for my journal.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

City and Ceramics Art Exhibit July 15 to Aug 31

City and Ceramics:
architectural pottery and paintings of architecture
July 15 to August 31
Robert Pesce, ceramicist
Diane Waller, painter

@ La Mano Pottery
110 West 26th St.
New York, NY  10001

The exhibit is an exciting juxtaposition of two art techniques by two dedicated artists.

Robert Pesce makes pottery thrown on a wheel at La Mano Pottery.    Diane Hardy Waller paints on the sidewalks and in the parks of New York.   Both have a unique style and spirit to their art. 

La Mano Pottery, est. 1998, the sponsoring organization, has recently moved to this location in the heart of the new Chelsea.   La Mano offers classes and artist residencies to potters of ages and craft techniques.  The gallery has been host to many respected and loved potters in the NYC area.  This is a first show of combination of mediums. 

Robert known as Bob to his friends says about his art of pottery,
“Art is the right making of that which has to be made. The artist  
is compelled to create work by his/her inner self trying to express  
emotion. I feel that the best art draws you into the work on a very  
personal level.  It is inner self talking to inner self. That dialogue  
between you and the work is what counts whether it is one word or  

Diane says about painting New York,
 “When I am painting, I know I am a citizen of the universe.  I co-create with something much larger than the local person who eats and sleeps in a coop and paints on the streets of Manhattan. Painting outdoors on the streets and in the parks, looking at the awesome skyscrapers and imagining what is going on behind those windows too high to peek in gives me a feeling of belonging to the world and the comfort of having a personal place in it.  The buildings with the colors, shapes, varying sizes and changing light inspire me to explore my inner architecture. “

Diane thinks Robert’s pottery is beautiful beyond description and says, “
Bob’s  architectural pottery pieces are as structured as New York City's sky scrapers; however the undulating shapes are reminiscent of feminine form as in Botticelli's Venus or Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings.  The dignity and craftsmanship of these fluid and statuesque pieces bring to mind and heart, classic beauty made contemporary in a fine blend of curves and lines.”  

Bob thinks of Diane’s paintings “Diane's paintings draw you into the scene and you become 
part of it, a tourist in the city of her vision. When I see her cafe and umbrellas, I hear accordion
 music as I stroll down the Champs Elysees. Her city towers make me feel like a young boy in 
the forties in NYC, growing up as the city grows up around me. Her work is evocative, her style 
impressive as well as Impressionistic.”

About Bob:

Born in Brooklyn, NY in the early 50's, R.A.Pesce, known to his friends as Bob, has been fascinated with ceramics since the age of four. Learning to throw pottery on a kick wheel at age 15, his interest led him to ceramic/sculpture majors at both Pratt Institute and Brooklyn College. At Pratt, he was the only sophomore to have his work shown in the annual senior ceramic show and the one man show of his wood sculpture at Brooklyn College showed him to be both talented and skilled at his craft.
He has designed dinnerware and flatware for the Farberware Company. Working as an antique dealer, he specialized in pottery and textiles of the Arts and Crafts period. The influence of this period is seen in much of his ceramic work today.  Take a look at his website: www.rapesce.com.

About Diane:

Diane Waller has been an artist her whole life. However, she started exhibiting in public in 1996 as a photographer. Drawing and painting resurfaced after years of being pushed aside for professional careers.  After arguing with her inner artist, Diane left the commercial world to be a full time artist and took her business experience on to co ownership in La Mano Pottery studio in Chelsea.  Since then, all three aspects of her art have been exhibited in galleries and exhibition spaces in New York City, Florida, the Tri-state area and Europe. Diane’s photographs appear in the award winning children’s books, “Where Does God Live?”, “Does God Hear My Prayer?” and “Does God Forgive Me?”  The Bronx Zoo uses her nature photography in signage and various Wildlife Conservation publications.

The other side of Diane is that she was educated as an engineer, worked in the aerospace industry which she left to get her MBA.  With that, she was successful in the not for profit sector.  After finding that business less than satisfactory to her creative nature and financial desires, she sold real estate in several states, landing in NYC in 1980.  Looking deep within her nature, in 1993, she was ordained as a minister. All in all, it came back to making art full-time in 2002.  Today, Diane is happily painting, taking photographs and making non functional art clay.  Please visit her website to see the latest.  www.dianewaller.com . 

There will be an artists’ reception at La Mano Pottery on July 20, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 110 West 26th St.  NYC , NY  10001.  (212) 627-9450.  www.lamanopottery.com .

Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing.... I'm adding that to my bag of tricks.

Here's what I wrote about moving La Mano Pottery to a great new beautiful location.

Don’t ask me why I haven’t called, or why my fingernails are jagged like sharks teeth.  
Don’t ask if I shower daily, change clothes often or how my hair come to look like Einstein’s . 
 It doesn’t matter.  
 I am busy being what I am and doing what I do for right now and it is important … to me.
Don’t look at the band-aids on my thumbs, the dirt on my jeans and the paint on my shoes,
 It doesn’t matter. 
See how satisfied I am with what I am doing right now and how important it is … to me.
Don’t think I’m doing too much schlepping, fixing,, testing, painting sanding, sweeping mopping.
 It doesn’t matter.
 Just know that I am creating a new business,  being what I am and doing what I do for now and it is important …to me
Don’t listen to me complain about getting home late, not taking my vitamins, eating too many carbs and not enough vegetables, not making my own art,
 It doesn’t matter.
 Hear the voice in me that says I am happy doing what I do for right now and it is important… to me. 
Don’t laugh at me for not sitting on my furniture at home because I am so dirty
or taking off my shoes in the hall or wearing the same jacket scarf and gloves everyday
and washing everything all at the same time.
 It doesn’t matter.  
 Enjoy that real dirt and not just clay is the material of what I do for right now and it is important… to me
Let’s not discuss the sleepless nights, the missed meals, the forgotten birthdays, the unanswered emails, and the delayed payments. 
Let’s talk about the increased satisfaction seeing the joy in the eyes of the student’s in the studio.
 Worry doesn’t matter.  
 It is what I do now and it is important … to me and them. 
Don’t let me go to a place of stress about the added rent, the cost of unexpected renovations,
 more insurance, new equipment and extra utilities,
 Know that pottery is calling more and new people and they will come.
Those concerns are real and don’t matter.
 It is what I do now and it is important … to me and them. 
Ask me if I feel good at the end of the day, if I feel satisfied with my contribution to myself,
 my partners and our community., I feel Divinely guided to be here NOW.
 I do. 
 It is what I do for now and it is important … to me. 

Thanks,  Diane

Sunday, August 28, 2011

IRENE... not so art related, but fun perhaps

When everyone was worrying and working on getting ready for the big hurricane to hit NYC, I remembered my days in Florida when we were so used to hurricane warnings and watches that
we mostly stocked up on beverages and called our friends to organize a hurricane party. That was because we had a free day off work.  As it turns out, that is how this one was for NYC.   I did the usual, stocked up on water and wine and put a big bucket of water in my bathtub and listened to the news of approaching doom so to speak. Now,  I own a business in New York, La Mano Pottery, (www.lamanopottery.com),  which is in a basement and floods if someone spits in the Chelsea neighborhood.  My partner, Julie,  and I went to build dams and battened down the hattches so to speak.    On the way I took some photos of other folks preparations... I am going to try to attach some of them  Some are very creative.  Since it was sort of dark and rainy forgive the less than techincal photography taken with a low level camera on the run in the rain.    I will also try to attach some of the day after images.  

After listening to NPR until late I went to sleep then woke up at 3:50 to a torrent of rain that was coming in my open window and trying to get me wet.  Since there didn't seem to be any other danger, I didn't even close the window and went back to sleep. When I finally got up and surveyed the damage.  I had two big leaks.  I also took photos of those, but I'll spare you the ugly details of that.  Those are for the building's management company.   I am happy to report that the dams we built in the pottery studio did well and nothing flew about in the yard.  so that is a good story. 

All was well so my friend Emily and I went out to breakfast and then since church was cancelled went to the local Friend's bar.  It was packed.   no photos to incriminate the attendees. 

Stay dry.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The End of the Scam

The check came!  On Friday
It looked perfect.  Cashiers check written on Wells Fargo Bank for 5 times as much as it should have been. 

I took it to Wachovia Bank and asked if they would cash a Wells Fargo check and they would.  I went to the teller and presented it with my ID.  Everything was going fine, much to my surprise.....  then they scanned it. ooops...  then they manually entered the numbers, oops again.  With great apologies they said they had to call the central registry.  They did and with great concern they came over to me giving me a copy of the check and said,  " We are so sorry to tell you this isn't a good check."  I asked if I could have it back and they said no they had to keep it because it was counterfeit.  

This relieved me of feeling any responsibility to report it to the authorities, as I was sure they would.  I didn't email Kathy back until Sunday, when I told her the Royalpost envelope had come and I would deal with the
bank on Monday.   She (?) emailed me about it several times before then.   On Monday, the 31st, I decided I'd had enough fun.  I emailed her that the check was for too much money so I sent back to her N.J.
address.  If she wanted the paintings to let me know as I had instructed the framer, Joe Vaccaro, not to proceed until I heard.    Not  word so far.

What has been really nice, is all the friends and followers that expressed concern over this for both me and other  artists.  That is heartwarming. The only thing I know to do is be very public about it so as many
people as possible get the message.

Funnily enough, I received an email from a friend who was caught in a hotel in London with no money and only his passport, please send money fast.   Right on!!!  I'd send him that cashier's check if only I still had it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I’m being scammed.com

The .com is a joke; the being scammed is for real.
Here’s the story… it is happening now!
I received an email

-----Original Message-----
From: Kathy Barnes
Sent: Jan 13, 2011 11:09 AM
To: dianewaller@mindspring.com
Subject: Artworks Inquiry..

Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creatives works on your web site and i will like you to get back with more details if they are still available for purchase. Overseeing the Harbor and Woolworth Building and friends

I will appreciate an urgent reply.

Best Regards, Kathy.

Every artist finds this very flattering and highly exciting; I am no exception. I responded

Thank you for your interest in my paintings. The two, you asked about, are popular. “Overlooking the Harbor” is/was going into an exhibit scheduled to be hung today. If you want it before March 31, it can be removed from the show. The “Woolworth and Friends” is currently hanging in a show due to be taken down at the end of January. I can ask to remove it earlier if it is urgent.

I will do my best to get them to you if you want them asap. Thanks again for your interest.

To which I received the following

Hi , Thanks so much for your response to my query about those creative works. I will like to proceed with the purchase of both pieces . Can you pls confirm the actual size and price of the two pieces so i can know how best to proceed. I will also like to know what inspire you to make the pieces.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon, Best Regards, Kathy.

I responded with prices and asked about framing. Her following email disclosed that she was in London for her twin sister’s wedding and pregnant. Also telling me her husband had been transferred to South Africa and would send me a check, it was important to her that they be framed and ready for hanging in their new home and that the transfer company “moving their home decors” would be in touch about picking up the paintings.

I sent a reply with a MS Word file of my artist statement and wrote to the Director of the Exhibits at the Art Students’ League asking if the painting could be removed early. Leah, the Director, said she was suspicious and to be careful, she had heard about art scammers from South Africa. Not daunted, but somewhat doubtful, I continued my email dialog with Kathy.

The very next email from Kathy apologized for the lapse of time, which was about 5 days explaining she had been in the hospital with a near miscarriage. She said she was ok and wanted to proceed. My response was sympathetic and explained that the second painting would be available for me on the 26th and both could be taken to the framer in Queens the next day. If you remember, that was the night of the 19” snowfall. I began wondering if I wanted to spend the money to frame them without seeing any money up front.

Simultaneously, the suggestion was given to me to Google Kathy’s email address. The revelation was amazing. There were multiple blogs and Facebook entries about this very scammer. Googling the address she gave me for South Africa revealed a treasure trove of more complaints and scathing condemnations of people treating artists of all people this way.

What the scammers do.. is… send a check for 4 to 5 times the amount in question. When the artist reports the error, they say, “cash the check and give the difference to the transfer company.” Meanwhile, the check bounces and the transfer company in cahoots with the scammers has the paintings and the money.

This made my day. I was not disappointed about not selling the paintings. It was more exciting to be in the midst of a scam and have this story to write. Knowing I wanted to string things along to some sort of grand conclusion instead of letting it just slip away with me feeling somewhat duped, I emailed her that I couldn’t go to the framer as planned because of the weather, I’d go on Friday. I wanted to see the check. Feeling a little more vengeful, I started to call the FBI then realized it is too small a deal to be of interest to them. Plus the internet is full of stories about the same folks; this isn’t really something new. Friday I will email her that the framer has gone to his country home to shovel snow.

Maybe by then the check will come.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Meaning of One Night Stand

This is it, be sure to be there for it is only one night...this month.
When: March 28, 2010, from 4 p.m. until ???  
Where:  #Bunga's Den#, 137 West 14th St.  NYC, NY
Enjoy: A digital Art Show
What: Paintings: "New York Citiscapes" by #Diane Hardy Waller#
More what: Photographs: Blue Sky Series" by #T. Lawrence Wheatman#

Join in: live music...
How: if you sing, whistle or play an instrument come and jam. 

Happy Hour $4 drinks and special non alcoholic beverages as well.